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Introduction to the Tablet Guide

tablet guide photograph
(Click the image to enlarge)[PDF 714KB]

English Version of Tablet guides are now available for rental so that all visitors can enjoy looking at the exhibits and deepen their understanding of telecommunications.
With a tablet guide, you can watch explanatory videos about the exhibits or watch the recommended tour course. Please try using a tablet guide when you visit.

★You can use it for free.

  • You can choose one of the virtual tours from "Recommended Tour Course" in the top page so that you will directly find the details of the chosen tour.
  • In the chosen tour page, you may zoom in the guide map of the tour.
  • "How to use the Tablet Guide" provides easy access to the information you need.

With a powered-up tablet guide, you can enjoy the NTT History Center of Technologies more than ever!


  • When renting a tablet, we ask you to fill in the name and phone number of the representative.
  • Due to the limited number of tablets available, we may not be able to lend them to you.
  • Please return the tablet at least 5 minutes before closing time.
  • We may stop lending tablet guides during the event.
  • For elementary school students only, tablet guides can not be rented.
     However, you can rent it if you are accompanied by a guardian.

a girl using a tablet guide

a picture of a tablet guide

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